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Pirates of the Caribbean Audio Treasures!

X Atencio, the script writer and lyricist from Pirates of the Caribbean, was the first to suggest to Walt that a light-hearted sea chantey might be a good way to ground his upcoming attraction in a rousing Disney-style production. After all, the scenes from the ride would tend towards grim violence, though the intention was to create the ultimate diversion. So, drawing on the timeless "Yo ho ho, and a bottle of rum," Atencio came up with a simple lyric that kept things light while maintaining a pirate vibe.

Enjoy listening to these fascinating audio files from Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean. These various clips and excerpts will demonstrate some of the fun and excitement you can experience while you set sail with Disney's salty crew!

1967 Radio Commercial
A sample of Disney's advertising

Ghostly Recordings
Variations of the ghostly pirate voices heard in the grotto, never used

Yo Ho (Instrumental)
The soundtrack recording of the "Yo Ho" theme by George Bruns (above)

Queue Audio
An instrumental version of "Yo Ho" in various themes heard while in line

POTC Parrot
A parrot squawks at patrons waiting in line to board the Pirates ride

Mechanical Chickens
Audio-animatronic chickens cluck about in the auction scene

WED Press Event
Walt Disney talks about WED innovations in the new Pirates attraction

Paul Frees
The famous Disneyland voice talent Paul Frees, as the Auctioneer Pirate

Thurl Ravenscroft
Famed Disneyland voice talent Thurl Ravenscroft, as a singing pirate

The Quintet
A pirate quintet (with the dog & donkey) sings a merry tune

Pirate with Cats
Ol' Bill the pirate sings along with some not-so-friendly alley cats

Singing Pigs
Even the town pigs join in the jamboree, oinking along to the theme tune

The Jail Scene
Listen in as prisoners worry about their fate in a burning jail cell

Fortune Red
The theme song, as heard in the original Pirate Arcade outside the ride

Well Scene (French)
The dunking of the magistrate, this time as heard at Disneyland Paris

Unused Audio
A rare sample of a lecherous pirate audio track that was never used

And Dig This Ol' Buried Treasure...

Enjoy this presentation of Disneyland Records ST3937 "Walt Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean," the official soundtrack album released in 1966 featuring the vocal talent of Thurl Ravenscroft as the narrator. Side one features an exciting journey through the attraction, while side two contains some seaworthy songs sung by Mr. Ravenscroft. Enjoy!

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